21cm STORM R.I.P Seeker Jerk Rigged Lure with Spare Tail

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21cm Storm R.I.P. Seeker Jerk
The R.I.P. Seeker Jerk combines favourable hard bodied traits with the natural swimming action of a soft plastic lure.
Its soft, jointed tail teases the predator in; while the internal rattle & buoyancy chamber create sound & control the vertical descent, allowing the lure to be fished from shallow to deep.
The rigged tail generates huge water movement and is ideal for more aggressive fish.
The Storm R.I.P. Seeker jerk can be fished with by reeling, jerking, stop and reel – the only limit is your imagination. The package includes two seperate tails which can be used to alter the swimming action of the jerk. The soft external shell of the lure provides additional time for a counter attack as the fish will hold on longer than with a hard lure. Equipped with VMC hooks (treble hook on the belly and a single-hook in the tail).
  • Hybrid hard & soft construction
  • Suspends in predator’s face
  • Strong jerk bait action on stop start retrieve
  • Soft skin on hard head section resembles live prey
  • Comes with spare tail
  • Length: 21cm
  • Weight: 90gms